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40lb Water Softening Pellet 

40lb Water Softening Pellet 

  • Manufacturer: Morton Salt
  • Model Number: F125000000G

40 lb. system saver water softening pellet, contains resin cleaning additives which keeps the softener running better & longer, reduces iron build up, extends softener life with continuous use*, helps improve appliance & water heater efficiency, strong graphics & product detail, endorsed by many leading softener brands, only water softening salt to earn the good housekeeping seal, eliminates messy tank clean up. *Based on external laboratory testing of continuous use of System Saver II versus plain salt over the life of the softener using hard water with an average clear water iron content of 1.1 parts per million.

  • Contains patented formula with resin cleaning additives
  • Cleans softener with each regeneration
  • Maintains water softener efficiency
  • Helps soaps and detergents lather better
  • Helps prevent hard water spots on faucets, dishes and tile
  • Helps prevent scale build-up in water heaters and pipes
  • Helps keep laundry and appliances stain free
  • Plastic hard handle for comfortable carrying
  • Easy open tear for simple opening and pouring

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