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Weed & Grass Killer, 1-Gallon Ready-to-Use
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Weed & Grass Killer, 1-Gallon Ready-to-Use

  • Manufacturer: Roundup Weed & Grass Control
  • Model Number: 5109010

Roundup, 1 Gallon, Ready To Use, Grass & Weed Killer, No Mixing, No Measuring, Use In/Around Vegetable Gardens Flower Beds Tree Rings & Mulched Beds As Well As On Cracks In Driveways Walkways & Patios, Kills To The Root Guaranteed, Comfort Wand Offers Continuous Spray & Extended Reach, Visible Results In Just 3 Hours, Active: 2% Glyphosate 2% Pelargonic Acid & Related Fatty Acids.

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